Google and Motorola still stirring up the X-phone rumor mills!


Well, as far as we know, the X-phone rumors still continue to circulate with ever increasing intensity.  The specs are slowly trickling down the Google HQ pipelines. Rumor has it, that there is a prototype device already being field tested at Mountainview and apparently the testers are (as per the usual process) select Google employees.Some of the specs we’ve gathered so far are:

  • Kevlar Body (Thanks Motorola; just make it a little prettier this time, will ya? Pweese!)
  • 4.8″ as opposed to a 5″ device. We like this. Why? a) better pixel density and b) With Motorola’s pedigree in edge-to-edge screen design, we’re expecting this to be a pretty compact device with an acceptable screen size.
  • Of course, a quad core powerhouse. Would be nice to see the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 or 800 series, or maybe even Tegra 4! But we have a feeling its going to be the s4 pro, which is, by no means, a slouch.
  • 3000 mAH battery with advanced battery design to improve power efficiency and battery longevity.
  • A Sony BIS sensor camera. Here’s hoping its the exmor RS sensor! (fingers crossed)
  • Of course a device like this should mark another milestone in the android software department. Although a lot of people are expecting Android Key Lime Pie, there’s a bit of a hitch there. See…major Android OS milestones are ONLY ushered in with completely Vanilla Nexus devices. Not major OEMs like Motorola. So I’m guessing we will see something close to Android 4.5 Jelly Bean modded with Motorola proprietary software for controlling the new peripherals such as that gorgeous camera.
  • Speaking of the camera, apparently Google filed for, and obtained a patent for a circular LED flash setup, Would be pretty interesting to see something like that implemented.
  • Gorilla glass 3 is obviously expected.
  • Also apparently, there might be a dedicated shutter button located at the back of the phone as that is a much more ergonomic spot for it to be while taking self portraits. Doesn’t hurt the process of taking other pictures either!
  • There was talk of a flexible display, then there was talk of supply chain shortages, so its safe to say, that’s probably not going to happen. We really could care less for this feature.

So there you have it. What?? We missed something?? Fill us in on the comments down below!


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