HTC Mobile

HTC M7 to feature new camera and sound technology


If you’re one of those who likes to stay at the fore front of cutting edge devices that redefine the possibilities of what can be done on a mobile device (which I definitely am), you no doubt, are keeping an eye on the rumors about the HTC’s new flagship device, the M7. It seems there’s some chatter recently about the camera setup on this new device which indicates HTC is planning something pretty interesting. According to numerous sources, the HTC M7 will be featuring a triple stacked camera sensor, each sensor having 4.3 megapixels. There’s some claim that the three sensors interpolate to give the (nearly) 13 MegaPixel image resolution, but better, crisper images will be accomplished due to the interesting setup. HTC (according to rumors) is calling this setup “UltraPixel” technology (whatever that means). Some sources claim that this setup is very similar to what Nokia did with the Nokia Pureview 808. We can only speculate.

The sound department is an entirely different story. HTC has already collaborated with Beats by Dre in the past, to little success. Personally, I have found the audio quality of devices by LG and Samsung to be much better when it comes to fidelity. Lets see if HTC has learnt from their mistakes.

Either ways, I am anxiously waiting for this device. The one good thing that is definitely going to come out of all this innovation is pressure: Pressure for other OEMs to improve their offerings as well. That, in itself, is definitely awesome to know!

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