HTC Mobile

HTC One X+ 14 days into owning it.


So like most tech geeks, I have a hankering for knowing what a device can do at least 2 weeks into owning it, because by then I’ve pretty much dumped all kinds of apps and tools onto the device to make it start crawling due to all the tasks running in the background. This is when the true prowess of a device is obvious. How it handles all that crap I’ve been throwing at it for the past few days. And what I like to do is check out Phonedog’s Aaron’s 14 day challenge vids on youtube. That brings us to HTC’s current flagship (not counting the DROID DNA on verizon) device. So whats it like after you’ve installed a bunch of apps that are constantly taxing the the OS and performing updates and processes in the background? These vids probably provide the best insight into whether you’s want to get the device or not. Watch and listen carefully to the pros and cons.

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