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Spy shots: LG Optimus G “Pro”. Yes…It looks impressive

lg_optimus_g_pro_leakedIts not been long since the LG Optimus G graced our tech worlds with its impressive presence, and already we’re in for some cherry topping with respect to a refresh! Gah! How do we keep up?! The electronics Giant is throwing everything (including the proverbial kitchen sink) at the mobile market to make a dent where once, it had a stranglehold. Enter the LG Optimus G Pro (at least that’s what its called by rumor fans). So why are we eyeing this beau with anticipation? Well..take a look at the pictures (Courtesy, and once you’ve recovered from your gasps, we will cover the salient points. Have fun!



So now, for the mouthwatering parts:

Most of the specs seem to be similar to the Optimus G (which is a good thing). But, it seems like we’re finally getting an impressive battery size (3140 mAH) and 32GB internal storage WITH 64GB external storage add-on possible, and a slightly edged up processor speed (1.7GHz instead of 1.5). Does that mean a removable back cover? Would you prefer a removable back cover? Or do you think LG ahould make the SD card slot-inserted?? Fire off your comments down below!  I’m excited! P.S. check out the bezel on this device (or its lack, there of!!!).

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