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Getting a new Rogers device? Blackberry Z10 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 (Video comparison)


So you’re planning on getting a new Rogers device here in Canada. You’ve never used an Android device and/or you’ve always had a Blackberry. You’re thinking about getting the new Blackberry Z10 but your friends are suggesting the Galaxy S3.  You’ll want to watch the video below. Also, before you make a decision, there are a few things you’ll need to consider.

  1. Why are you getting the device? If you’re an Instagram lover,the Galaxy S3 (or iPhone5) is your go to device. If you love customizing the look and feel of your device (software wise), the Galaxy S3 is your choice. If you’re a Blackberry Messenger lover, the Z10 is your only choice, but there are other equally potent options if you’re going the Galaxy S3 route. For more information check the video below.
  2. It is usually customary to expect state of the art features on any flagship device. With respect to that, the use of Gorilla glass in touch screen phones has become a staple design choice. Unfortunately, blackberry Z10 does not have gorilla glass protection, so you might have to take better care of your Z10’s screen and invest in a good screen protector.
  3. How quick are you at learning a new interface? Blackberry Z10 has been designed from the ground up. It has almost no similarities with previous blackberry handsets, so there will be a learning curve here. Also if you’ve never used an android device, the Galaxy S3 will offer a similar challenge. But the support community for the Android world is a large one and you will find help on almost everything you need to accomplish with the device.
  4. Apps. When it comes to being productive with your device, the blackberry app world can hardly hold a candle to the Android Play store. You will find everything under  the sun when it comes to android apps. Check the video below for a very insightful comparison.

Keep in mind that if you’re on a contract with this device, you’d want it to stand the test of time (at least 2 years), and also be future proof. I can almost guarantee that the GS3 will maintain a really good resale value by the end of that contract, but I cannot make any guarantees with the Z10.

Let us know which device you select below in the comments!

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