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Asus Padfone 2: Everything you need to know

I have been meaning to cover this device for quite a while now. I think its about time. But if you have never come across this device before, I recommend you watch this intro video first. Then we will get into the meat of what this device truly embodies. Enjoy!

Every now and then we come across a device that challenges the concept of what a mobile device is capable of accomplishing. We like that. Why? Because such devices suggest to us, the possibility of not just doing more, but CREATING more. Samsung has done this with its Galaxy Note line up. And Asus is doing this with its Padfone line-up. As a mobile device user and lover, I’m always on the look out for no-compromise devices: devices that push the technological envelope, and also offer something else as an add-on.

Its a well-known fact that tablets are here to stay. So are smartphones. I depend on my mobile device for a lot of tasks. Not just the usual stuff like calling, texting, facebook, emails, games, etc. which constitute content consumption, but also to update my blogs, edit documents, create media etc, as in, content CREATION as well. In this respect, the features I require from my mobile devices are vast and varied. I require power, portability, ease of content creation (large screen real-estate), and battery longevity. In addition I’m also a bit of a minimalist, so the less I need to carry with me, the better. Come to think of it, EVERY user requires these features in a device/devices, to one extent or another.

So if I can get ALL of these features in just one device, I’ve hit the jackpot. In essence, the ASUS Padfone 2 meets ALL these requirements with just one device (sort of), and in some senses, surpasses them as well.

The Padfone 2 is a reincarnation of the Asus Padfone which was met with mixed reactions due to its “outrageous” design ideology. Never before had there been a hybrid device that constituted both a tablet and a smartphone, that when combined, would take less space(and price) than two such devices put together. But at the time of its conception (the first Padfone), mobile chipsets still had a ways to go when it comes to providing the raw power needed for content CREATION. Fast forward to half a year later and the dynamics are entirely different. Smartphones have the raw processing power to meet the demands of a mobile content creator, but that ability is stunted by the screen real-estate required for productive content creation.

So as a content creator, in the past, I had to purchase two devices. A smartphone and a tablet. One that gives me great portability and one that gives me the freedom to create on a larger screen. But that meant I had to purchase two separate devices and I had to sync all data between two devices, have separate sim cards for each device, and separate power supplies. That’s a lot to keep track of. In addition, both of these devices needed to be top notch when it comes to processing power, hence twice the cost.

ASUS decided to provide a very ingenious solution to my dilemma. One powerful device, two screen sizes. They basically asked the question: Why purchase two devices with similar raw processing power when all you need, is one such device but with different form factors when it comes to screen real estate? Enter the Asus Padfone and Padfone 2. With the second generation, Asus has polished the rough edges and come up with a really innovative solution.

So lets look at some relevant videos:

A fully comprehensive 40+ minute un-boxing and review (Note that it also comes in White!):

Another review:

Now let’s look at the pros and cons:


  • Cheaper combined price of a tablet and a smartphone since you’re paying for the processor only once.
  • No compromise in raw processing power (Snapdragon S4 Pro quad core with 2GB of RAM)
  • No compromise in screen tech (Smartphone: 4.7 inch, 720p LCD display SuperIPS+ Sharp IGZO display with high outdoors visibility, Tablet: 1280 x 800 IPS+ display)
  • One power supply, one sim card (shared between two devices) meaning only one plan with wireless providers.
  • Only one device to sync.
  • Rugged, yet beautiful Design.


  • “Tablet” cannot work without the phone as the phone is the common processing device for both. (But that’s the entire purpose of the device!)
  • Absolutely nothing else.

Unique Game changing Features:

  1.  The device is capable of extended battery life since the tablet battery compliments the phone battery and also replenishes it when the phone is docked into the tablet. That’s a big deal!
  2. The Camera is top notch! And firmware updates are only improving picture quality. Asus listens to customer input.
  3. Price! Combine the price of any standalone Tablet and Smartphone with this kind of processing power, and this price CANNOT be beaten!
  4. There are no compromises here. Design, Performance, Ergonomics, Portability, Battery longevity, Reliability, Software Support, durability. All bases are covered.
  5. Its going to be hard to suffer from buyer’s remorse. This is a unique device.
  6. Dynamic display means you can switch from smartphone to tablet form factor seamlessly and without any interruption in your content consumption/creation.
  7. Getting a call when your phone is docked in the tablet? The Padfone has you covered. You can either talk directly to the tablet mic, you the stylus provided. Its pretty sexy actually!

So whats the verdict? If you need a high end tablet and a phone and you don’t want to spend the equivalent to two high performing devices (and still want to look uber-cool), you CANNOT go wrong with this device. Its the epitome of smart innovation!


5 thoughts on “Asus Padfone 2: Everything you need to know

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  2. Hey, I really enjoyed your post. After 3 weeks with the Padfone 2 i feel like it’s time to start saving money for the Padfone Infinity release later this fall. Cheers!

  3. Thanks for your comment! Yes, Padfone Infinity is definitely a beauty. I`m just a little concerned about the price. Do you have any idea if the Phone will be sold as a standalone and how much it might go for?

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