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Sony plans to address their TFT smartphone display shortcomings with “Triluminos”!


So if you’ve all been checking out the Sony Xperia smartphone reviews, you will notice one common complaint: The display is gorgeous…BUT the viewing angles SUCK!!! Take for example the Sony Xperia Z and ZL; Sony’s current high end flagships: great phones, poor display angles. The reason is that Sony, despite being one of the major LCD panel supplier to most smartphone vendors, tends to suck at combining their LCD displays with a high quality touch layer. This combination is critical and smartphone vendors like HTC and LG have begun nailing it recently. HTC got pretty good with this, starting with the HTC One X, which was praised for its color reproduction, brightness, and mostly, viewing angles. Even today, the display on this device still amazes me!

Sony’s “Triluminos” display works on the principle of using “Quantum Dots” to light up pixels. For an intro into how this display works, check out this crash course. With “Triluminos”, sony hopes to join the ranks of Samsung and HTC with their own proprietary display technologies, namely AMOLED and sLCD. So, the way I see it, I think we need to wait a bit more before we see some real magic coming out of SONY. But there are “BRIGHTER” things in Sony’s future for sure. See what I did there? mu-hahaha!