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Swipe, and the beauty of it!

Before I got a nexus 7, I never really realized the power of swipe. When it comes to one handed typing I have never really typed this fast. This is a review of all keyboards related to swipe based inputs.

The Google keyboard:
Although they were Late to the game, I have to say probably the best keyboard when it comes to swipe accuracy.

The swipe keyboard:
These guys are, of course the pioneers of swipe based input.

Swift key:
A different kind of keyboard that has adopted the swipe standard.

What do these all have in common? They are extremely good! Funnily enough I do more blogging with my tablet than I do with my laptop now.

I personally think the swipe keyboard is one of the most understated innovations from android.

And yes, I typed this whole article sweeping away on my tablet of course. Apple users you really are missing out.

Just thought I’d share this little discovery with you. And yes I didn’t even need to spell check this document.