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The Nexus Portfolio: The Nexus 4, 7 and 10 – Average User Perspective

Google, and specifically Android, has come a long way since their debut into the smartphone world. A lot has changed, and now the purest, most unadulterated version of Android has found its way into an assortment of devices (also manufactured in association with google), spanning the most common consumer-preferred form factors (4.7″ for the smart … Continue reading

Sony plans to address their TFT smartphone display shortcomings with “Triluminos”!
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Sony plans to address their TFT smartphone display shortcomings with “Triluminos”!

So if you’ve all been checking out the Sony Xperia smartphone reviews, you will notice one common complaint: The display is gorgeous…BUT the viewing angles SUCK!!! Take for example the Sony Xperia Z and ZL; Sony’s current high end flagships: great phones, poor display angles. The reason is that Sony, despite being one of the … Continue reading

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LG Optimus G vs Samsung galaxy S3

Currently, in the Android world, at almost any wireless service provider, you will have choices when it comes to getting a pretty high-end smartphone (wireless providers call them Superphones. I personally abhor the terminology). But with so much choice, we end up with an entirely different dilemma: which phone do I go with? Will I … Continue reading