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The Nexus Portfolio: The Nexus 4, 7 and 10 – Average User Perspective

Google, and specifically Android, has come a long way since their debut into the smartphone world. A lot has changed, and now the purest, most unadulterated version of Android has found its way into an assortment of devices (also manufactured in association with google), spanning the most common consumer-preferred form factors (4.7″ for the smart … Continue reading

Know your Smartphone Displays (LCD vs. OLED)
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Know your Smartphone Displays (LCD vs. OLED)

You’re a potential smartphone buyer, and you’re picky about displays. After all, you’re investing in something you’re going to be looking at, most of the time. You want to be sure you’re getting just what you’d enjoy staring at for most of the day! But you’re not quite sure about all the “hoopla” acronyms these smartphone manufacturers … Continue reading

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LG Optimus G vs Samsung galaxy S3

Currently, in the Android world, at almost any wireless service provider, you will have choices when it comes to getting a pretty high-end smartphone (wireless providers call them Superphones. I personally abhor the terminology). But with so much choice, we end up with an entirely different dilemma: which phone do I go with? Will I … Continue reading

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Can the Nexus 4 take a beating?

Okay…so a lot of you are actually contemplating getting the Nexus 4. What’s not to like? Beautiful design, cutting edge technology (quad core snapdragon s4 Pro with 2GB RAM and Adreno 320 GPU), latest “vanilla” (untouched by any carrier/OEM) version of the Android operating system with constant timely updates, fully unlocked for use with ANY carrier, … Continue reading