Know your Smartphone Displays (LCD vs. OLED)
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Know your Smartphone Displays (LCD vs. OLED)

You’re a potential smartphone buyer, and you’re picky about displays. After all, you’re investing in something you’re going to be looking at, most of the time. You want to be sure you’re getting just what you’d enjoy staring at for most of the day! But you’re not quite sure about all the “hoopla” acronyms these smartphone manufacturers … Continue reading


Google and Motorola still stirring up the X-phone rumor mills!

Well, as far as we know, the X-phone rumors still continue to circulate with ever increasing intensity.  The specs are slowly trickling down the Google HQ pipelines. Rumor has it, that there is a prototype device already being field tested at Mountainview and apparently the testers are (as per the usual process) select Google employees.Some … Continue reading